Mobilove The Leading Mobile Dating Product
Partner and participate in the world´s largest mobile dating community with over a millon users and 10 millon since 2001. At present 363+ mobile content partners spanning the globe are enjoying a solid $22 to $30 ARPU with some partners experiencing as high as $40.
Mobilove is a dating service where users can post a personal profile with a picture, search and view other profiles, plus flirt, chat and email people they like, all over a simple user interface on their mobiles.
  Cross-Platform means Maximum Reach  
Mobilove is a Cross-Platform service offered via SMS, MMS, WAP, JAVA and WEB. By offering the service over multiple platforms, partners maximize their market coverage, revenue potential and return on investment.
  Compatible with 1000´s of Phones  
Mobilove offers extensive handset compatibility; the service has been successfully tested and used on 3000+ devices. Mobilove uses a special cross-layer technology that allows for easy adaption to all new handsets.
  Mobilove is powered by Plutolife a global leader in mobile community development